Increase Your Childs Math Proficiency With Indian Math Online

Indian Math Online an excellent startup site which helping your child to learn math with great proficiency and the education system based on India. Indian Math Online website says it teaches Math to students with the principles which includes:

  1. Starting Early
  2. Testing Frequently
  3. Practicing Continuously
  4. Building Steadily
  5. Involving Parents Actively

Bob Compton who visited in India and got scope to visit several schools and gathered some idea about Indian Education System and specially in math. IMO says, “Indian schools use a national math curriculum, which means that the teachers know exactly what should be taught, practiced and learned at each grade level, and, they focus only on teaching those topics.” After that, some great geeks design this site.

A talent team working behind this site and helping others and make themselves experts. It’s not free but you can get the taste for 7 days in trial.

Indian Math Online: Teaching Math, Indian way [via technofriends]

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