Stream Your Life With Micro

Storytlr a fastest, easiest way to create a free microblog and share your twitter, flickr, youtube updates on to storytlr. Whenever, you’re going to singup for an account – make sure about username, based on your username you will get a free public url. So, choose a nice one.

After that, start to input your social networks and currently this site supporting delicious, flickr, google reader, lastfm, picasa, qik, seesmic, twitter, youtube and When you updates to any network that will grab your updates and posting to your storytlr account and all things will be organized with real time. If your visits like then can make comments – where in flickr, picasa or etc networks user have to login and on storytlr you shouldn’t.

In your page, like as you will see a tab “Stories”. About it Molly says, “Next to the lifestream tab on your page, you’ll see a tab that says stories.  This is where you can share items you’ve posted to various sites, in more of a storyboard layout.  Just give your story a name, like “My Summer Vacation”, and then enter in the dates you want included in your story.  Next, choose the sites you want content pulled from, like Flickr and YouTube.  Storytlr will create a story out of everything you posted to those sites during those dates.  You can choose to make these public or private and choose to make certain items private as well.”

In posting time, you will get five options. updates only status, blog, link, images, audio. You can share websites links, easy to upload images, share music(mp3) and much more fun.

Lastly, you can take backup of your updates and even you can import from different sources and easy to change the design of your pages.

Storytlr Creates Stories Out Of Your Online Activity  [via demogirl]

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