Explore Yourself In Copperstrings.com

Copperstrings is a unique network of people seeking to live consciously and mindfully, with a little more awareness than yesterday. Everyday we make many choices – a lot of them driven by our conditioned fears, habits and inhibition. CopperStrings is an organization created out of a desire to take conscious living mainstream. It is founded on three fundamental values of mindfulness, transparency and fun. We are curators, gardeners, in the daily business of work and life. It is a business built with love, based on trusted people, products and services using the open collaboration model. Essentially our platforms curate what is carefully chosen, reviewed and rated by experts and our community of co-creators. As we become more aware, our choices multiply and conscious living becomes the act of conscious choice making. In Transparency, the CopperStrings challenge is to create a model of working and doing business together that is honest, clear and replicable. If we can get it right, can others get it right too? If it works for us, can it work for you? Transformation and shifts are at the core of every core member of the organization. The challenge of building a conscious living organization brings to the front challenges of every individual member – in coming out of comfort zones, in facing deepest fears, in dissolving anger, in removing past blockages. At the core, CopperStrings as a network involves discovering people and the treasures hidden below layers of our routines, habits, unquestioned conventions, judgments, fears or apathy. There is a part in each of us that doesn’t care about our careers, our success, who we are or where we come from. It wants to live a life that we can call our own, the fulfillment of which is not possible through the “surface identities” that we have so diligently built over the years. Becoming part of the CopperStrings network, we discover larger and larger perspectives of our self and the world we live in. In many ways, CopperStrings is the start of a conversation – between people, between the organization and the people, between people and products. Users are co-authoring stories – organizational stories, people stories, product stories. At CopperStrings we are creating a social environment that inspires collaboration, creativity and fun. Besides connecting with users who share your interests, it provides opportunities for professional collaboration in various areas of conscious living. You can upload your articles, audios and blogs to build a portfolio for a worldwide audience.


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