Three Keyboard Shortcuts Makes You More Faster

Everyone we using keyboard to work on computer and always we do somethings with mouse. But if we can do the same things from keyboard that will makes us more faster, productive and easier too. What do you think? We can minimize all opened pages one by one but we can do the same things within a seconds.

On pcworld, Rick posted a great posts. Below the three productive hacks are given:

  • Windows-D – Minimizes all open windows so you can see the desktop. A second tap restores them.
  • Windows-E – Opens Windows Explorer (the file-management tool, not the browser). This is much quicker than right-clicking the Start button and then Explore, or trying to find Explorer in the Start menu.
  • Windows-F – Launches Windows’ search tool (remember “F” for “find”)

Like as Rick, my question is same. What’s your favorite? I use Windows+D and use F5 to refresh my browser and desktop. What you do?

Three KeyboardShortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now [via pcworld]

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