Google Launched New Version Of SketchUp 7

Google announced about the latest version of sketchup7 – a free software which helping to build 3D models and different types of projects and including google earth projects.

On that latest version, you will get more faster experiences, reliability and easier then before. On that version new features are added and list are given below:

  • Search the 3D Warehouse
  • Download Models Locally
  • Take (and give) credit
  • Custom Templates

And this version’s main focus on:

  • Making SketchUp easier for new modelers to learn
  • Adding “power tools” for SketchUp Pro gurus who dream in faces and edges
  • Clearing the way for even more model sharing and collaboration

It has free and pro version available at At first you can try the free version and if you like it so much you can move to pro version to get more features. Webpronews says, “these projects are already showing an improvement in quality, and as SketchUp gets more features to make it faster and easier to use and collaborate, I don’t see why we won’t witness an increase in the frequency in which we see high quality Google Earth projects surface.

If you’re interest and want to learn 3D works with SketchUp7, just learn from the official site.

Google Launches New Version of SketchUp [via webpronews]

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