CitySearch Integrated Facebook Connect And Get Local Events Info

Citysearch providing up-to-date information about any local areas and already have more then 75,000 different cities information imputed. Whenever, you’re taking decision to visit any city, you can search about the city on citysearch and get knowledgea about the businnesss, resturents, hotels and retails informations.

Citysearch intregated facebook connect, without signup as a new user, you can use facebook connect and as well as mobile features available. With your facebook account you can get scope to write reviews and also track what’s your other friends on that site. On the beat version you can see the full map navigations which is much more friendly to get right directions.

Mashable says, “Citysearch is getting a much needed makeover in order to compete with
up-and-coming competition from the likes of Yelp, who has long offered user
reviews of very local locations. The Facebook Connect integration is also
interesting, and offers Citysearch an opportunity to get lots of viral traction
on the social network.”

[via mashable & techcrunch]

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