Be-A-Magpie Working Like As PayPerPost

A German/UK based startups Be-A-Magpie which enabling a new ways to inserting advertisement into your twitter account and you can earn money too. The concept is simple(see image in below), advertisers pay on basis of cost per thousands impressions and ads will be relevant based on keywords. Be-A-Magpie automatically analyze the contents of your twitter messages.

Techcrunch says, “The service auto-determines the number of ads to insert per legitimate Twitter message – the default is one ad for every five Tweets. The service inserts the ads automatically by storing your Twitter credentials. As for disclosure – well, there really isn’t any. A #magpie hashtag is added to each Tweet, but that’s it.”

A great discussions running on friendfeed and lots of points sort out and on techcrunch comments section you will get lots of opinions. Dave Rigotti says their, “Building relationships and loyal followers is much more valuable.“. I agree with him and don’t lost your valuable followers. Before to go forward, everyone should watch out – what will be the next steps of

Be-A-Magpie Is PayPerPost For Twitter [via techcrunch]

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