PodiPodi – Fastest Interaction On Web

PodiPodi an excellent and unique idea which enabled easiest way to input commands on web. The fastest ways you can interact through typing on keyboard and get results onto your site from different sources.

Based on Shift+Space it will start working on your site. When you type “help” this will interact with the servers and instantly offer flickr, google, google images, youtube, wikipedia and so services. Select anyone – instantly that will gather relevant information in front of you.

Webworkerdaily says, “To add PodiPodi to your own site, you need to embed a bit of jQuery-based javascript. They’re taking applications for beta testers now. It’s an interesting idea, though whether it gets enough traction to become a common convention remains to be seen.”

This site still on beta version but it’s working nicely and faster to provide results. Why don’t you try and make your site more user friendly with PodiPodi and leave your comments below.

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