Power.com – All Social Networks In One Place,

Power.com which connecting all social networks in one place and makes your life more easier and faster and better communications with your friends. If you have Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Hi5 account – you can get all of your friends, networks updates, recent updates, replay for any events and so on from one place. Power.com – powerup more on social networks.

When you’re logged in at the first page of power, you will see the all contacts from different networks, all their status, jump to any profile within a click. Just one time login (mouse over any networks for login) and later you can switch profile to another one profiles and that will visible in below of power.com’s tab. Double tab – which is more friendly and faster ever to switch anytime from your facebook to hi5 or myspace.com or orkut. But, it will never mixed up your contacts and your comments. Also, it has not auto sync system thus it detect your one friend from two networks and combining them.

Easy to send messages to others, you can track your friends upcoming birthday date, profiles updates, sent messages, change profiles, photos, notifications setups and so on.

cNet entitled another one features, “If you’re using Power.com to access pages inside your social network, you will also see Power.com features injected into your sites. For example, when viewing a Facebook profile, a tool to message multiple users at once (across all your networks) will show up underneath the usual entry box to post on another user’s wall. If you go to Facebook directly, you don’t get the new link.”

Power.com it’s working not like as Digsby, Pidgin, Trillian, Meebo, Adium IM but it’s bridging all social service in one shade.

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