10,000 iPhone Apps In The iTunes App Store

Apples iTunes App Store has been released 10,000 applications and which is tracked by 148Apps and reported to their site. cNet noted, “In just 142 days, the iPhone OS app store has added over 10,000 apps! An amazing feat for any platform. To commemorate this we’ve put up a special page. More on this after the weekend.”

148Apps arranged to show the giant list of iPhone Applications with mini icons. A crazy works but you will be totally astonished to see all icons in one place and but since apple has removed, rejected banned iPhone apps for the copyright issues, duplicating functionality, limited utilities and for so on causes noted on iphone hacks and still 9,676 apps available and counting.

Macrumors.com says, “While several sites have reported that 10,000 iPhone Apps have been released into the App Store, the actual number of active iPhone apps that can be downloaded is about 9,676 as of today’s count. The discrepancy comes from the fact that many apps have been removed from the App Store for various reasons (trademark infringement, discontinued apps, pulled and released).”

Techcrunch noted that 148apps showed show amazing statistics of apps and a small list given below:

  • About 24% of apps are free; 35% cost $.99.
  • The average cost is $3.12, including free apps.
  • iPhone Games continue to dominate the App Store with 24% of all apps.
  • This is followed by Entertainment (11.6%) and Utilities (10.9%).
  • iPhone games dominate the Top 100 Free Apps and Top 100 Paid Apps.
  • There are 49 weather related iPhone apps despite the fact that a weather app is built in.

Overall according to 148apps, in store Games Apps (2,333), Entertainment Apps (1,122), Educations Apps (737), Productivity Apps (517), Utilities Apps (1,015) available on store.

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