Scour Brings Personalized MetaSearch & Track Friends

Scour recently added new some features for personalization to users. Now, you can track your friends feed – where they commenting on and on scour every user can add an images to their profile, redeem points through the user administrations panel and edit the return result’s numbers.

Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of Scour said, “There’s clearly a trend toward personalization on the Web and we wholeheartedly support it. “The ability to connect with friends more closely–whether following their comments or inviting them to Scour–is something we believe will resonate well with our growing community of users.”

Scour enabled a great way search in three engine and to money making online which we entitled to For each search, vote and comments – when you archived 6,500 points – you will get $25 rewards. They will send your Via gift cards to you. To get all this features – you should be registered user of scour.

Dogpile another one competitor of socur and it has different features then scour. When you searched anything, a recent searched keywords will be visible in right sidebar and relevant keywords or might be sentence will be visible. I searched Rihanna and relevant result visible Rihanna Lyics.

Also, growing startups search engine and it has cache features like as but it’s powered by And images, news, wikipedia, blogs, jobs search features available.

Scour brings friend tracking and personalization to metasearch [via cnet]

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