Google Reader More User Friendly & More Faster

On last Thursday, Google reader’s official blog announced an news updates of Google Reader. They changed the outlook and enabled lots of new features. Page loading faster then ever and should be other rss feed reader and if you have more then 500 or 1000 feed — no matter, it can handle all updates within a seconds.

Collapsible navigation features which helping so much and makes you more free to switch one portion to another. You can make it expand more and see all of your rss feed list or you can collapsed all the feeds into the folder.

You can hide your friends unread posts or show and control counting features plus you can check your status — result will be depends on your read feeds and activities with different time-lines.

Feed bundles one click way which is posted on official blog and says “Feed bundles are small sets of feeds related to a topic that you can subscribe to all at once. Historically, these were done “by hand” by the Reader team, but this just wasn’t working out. So we’ve written a program to make “bundles” for us – no more manual editing of bundles, and a much richer and interesting set of subscriptions for you to choose from. We’ve added a bunch of new topic-based bundles for easier feed discovery. Just find the “Browse for stuff” link in the main navigation pane and look for the “Browse all bundles” link on the bundles tab. Now, you can learn more than you ever wanted to about NASCAR, yoga or knitting.”

If you’re get bored to see 1000+ posts unread, you can make it invisible or make it read with some clicks and manage your friends who can see your shared items and who not. More control on your reader.

Note that, Google reader’s main page at still showing an screen shots of old version — they updating inside but showing old version outside which is not so good and user will be confused. Hope it will be fixed soon. (see screen shots given below)

Square is the new round. [via google reader official blog]

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