PeopleBrowsr Brings Social Feeds Together

PeopleBrowsr an excellent web based startups company which brings all social networks feed in one place. Such as twitter, friendfeed, youtube, flickr, seesmic, linkedin networks you can main all of your networks from PeopleBrowsr. It’s merging in between all of rss feed and showing updates in single feed.

PeopleBrowsr has profile streaming features. Whenever, you click someone’s name or profile photos – it will show lots of information and gathering from his/her other networks. Also make all things tab based such as for video youtube, twitter profile tab, flickr, more tab which showing web links from different sources.

If you enabled twitter on PeopleBrowsr – you can see there parts in one page. Firstly, your activities, secondly friends replies or responses and thirdly, others tweets. Ajax based service which is awesome and I tracked every minutes lots of people tweettring and frequently you can see the updates.

It’s working like as “PeopleWiki” – where you will get lots of information within a click about your friends and anyone. Over all, easy to track your friends social activities from one place.

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