Two Startups Searching Public Toilet

SitOrSquat an startups company which helping to provide the information of neatest location of public toilet. If you’re iPhone or BlackBerry user — through the GPS system you can track the locations with a click.

cNet says, “In addition to its GPS locating, the mobile application lets you take photos of the facilities from your phone’s camera, which go into a central library others can eyeball before they go. You can also add new locations right from your device, which will get pushed up live to the service’s network of bathrooms.”

If you’re registered user – you can submit vote to others. Download the apps from apple store and for BlackBerry user and also you can run their service on wap version. another one startup comapny which helping so much through providing neat and clean, nearest location of toilet and also you can add review of toilets, details locations.

Mizpee says, “MizPee finds the closest, cleanest toilets in your area. You can add and review toilets, get some cool deals in your area and challenge your knowledge of toilet trivia   MizPee meets the needs of urban women, mothers of young children, sufferers of Crohn’s or Colitis, or anyone else who needs to find a clean bathroom urgently.”

From their site, you can get the location. Just submit the phone number and carrier and press “mizpee me”.

SitOrSquat tells you where to go (literally) [via cnet]

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