VideoCrawler – AT&T's Search Engine

Video Crawler AT&T’s search engine – which collecting most popular video from different sources. It’s showing the relevant video when you searched any keywords to their websites and easy to embed to your websites. Lots of features available on that site but still it’s on beta version.

Sean O’Leary, vice president, AT&T Business Development said, “We want to do everything possible to connect customers to the content
they want, and today more than ever, what they want online is social
media”. “With thousands of popular video Web sites, it’s become more and more challenging to find, sort and manage all of the best clips that are out there. That’s exactly what we’re working to solve with VideoCrawler by allowing users to search from an index of the most popular media sources from across the Web.”

Also, Ghacks Martin says, “The search engine is indexing the contents of those websites and providing a search engine so that users can search all sites for multimedia content at once. The search results are therefor a combination of all multimedia portals. Results can be filtered by media type (video, audio, radio, games..) and sorted by factors like popularity, relevancy or rating.”

AT&T Launches Online Video Search Site,

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