Google Chrome Now Out Of Beta Version

Google Chrome – browser of which was initially lunched in September 2,2008. In the middle of time, Google Chrome’s team frequently enabled lots of features based on user’s feedback and removed tons of bugs. Finally today Google Chrome breaks out of Beta version — it’s now publicly available and download directly from Google Chrome‘s site or you can upgrade your current version from Options to About Google Chrome.

Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Product Development said to Rafe Needleman that “tons and tons of bug fixes,” especially around audio and video playback, which should now be “more stable.”

Just two weeks ago Google Chrome enabled Bookmarking features which enhancing user experiences and without Bookmarks you won’t survive on web but it wasn’t on beta version. Also, in September some sounds found about Google Chrome Plug-ins which is most important things for browser. Without plug-ins — a browser couldn’t able to fulfill a user’s need and specially lifehacker entitled on their blog posts.

On the Le Web’08 conference in Paris, France, where Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of user experience said to Michael Arrington that Google Chrome coming out of beta“.

However, cnet networks tracked in comparison sake that, Google has big plans and goals for Chrome and Rafe write about the beta version of Picasa and Gmail – which has ten millions of users. Automatically questions comes – why those old service still on beta version.

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