Google Street View Covering Entire United States

Within one year Google covering the entire United States through Google Street View. In that time, Google revolutionizing on web through street view and keeps you more connected. According to their official Google’s blog, “Today marks our biggest launch of Street View imagery to date: we’re doubling our coverage in the United States. Several states — Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota, and South Dakota — will be getting the Street View treatment for the first time. We’ve also added imagery for Memphis, Charleston (SC), and Birmingham, and we’ve filled in lots of gaps across the country.”

Over all splendid works Google team done. ow if you found something objectionable or reportable — simple click on “report a concern” button which is available at the bottom of image. Alex entitled on his blog site that “Many people complained that the recent Google Maps redesign made it more difficult to find places that have street-level imagery, but this should no longer be necessary, at least for the US.”

Lat Long blog and said before to go any trips you can preview the hotels for a ski trip, need some visual cues for directions, holiday parties, finding good hills to sled on — all things to find, Google street view will make your life easier.

Street View: A year in review, and what’s new [via googleblog]

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