Disqus Integrated With Facebook Connect

Disqus finally connected their service with Facebook Connect which is officially announced by Disqus. Disqus it’s well known comments service which is javascript based plugins for different platforms. A WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, MovabaleType based blog site can easily integrate this plugins for their sites.

Obviously after the integration of Facebook Connect, once again another one great features which helping to user to login through their Facebook accounts and without registering on Disqus comments — user can make comments to disqus enabled blog sites but at the end of the 2008. Erick Schonfeld editor of TechCrunch says, “But many of these will soon give way to Facebook Connect and Google’s Friend Connect.” It’s just starting and need centralization and

Facebook Connect log-ins will not happen automatically. Blog owner or web master have to acquire the Facebook API key from Facebook and toggle it on and Disqus has optional Seesmic video comments features too. Disqus co-founder Daniel Ha says blog owners should see it activated on their blogs by the end of the month — entitled by cnet.

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