Google Introducing App Engine Dashboard

Google’s developer introducing new App Engine with Dashboard which will show the real time System Status of them and most probably Google’s engineering team internally using this features to track the real time errors — announced by official blog. But they are trying to share their system status with users and still working to enhancing more features before the final release.

These features included with:

  • up-to-the-minute overview of our system status with real-time, unedited data
  • daily overall serving status for each of our APIs, including any outages or downtime
  • detailed historical latency and error-rate graphs for the App Engine Datastore, Images, Mail, Memcache, Serving, URL Fetch, and Users components

Brett says, “For each App Engine application, we now provide a Quota Details Dashboard. This makes it easier to track how much of the free quota your app is using up across bandwidth, CPU, etc.” They make some categories which helping to see specific any service and if found any error you can see on real time and Google team ensured it.

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