Turn Google, Yahoo Search Engine Results With Tag Clouds

Search Cloudlet a firefox extensions which enabling tag clouds features on Google and Yahoo search results. Whenever, you’re searching anything it will show relevant tag clouds on your searched keywords and tags will be visible in before of search results. Most important things is that, “it’s generating relevant tags – which is so helpful and easier to get required information”.

Also, you can choose only tags or sites or off this features. Just one click way but it’s awesome and even you can type any websites name or sub title and it’s grabbing the site’s relevant tags and showing to you.

Josh says, “Words that appear more often in the results appear as bigger, bolder tags that you can click on to re-start the query with that word tacked on. The creators recommend dialing up the number of default search results to 100, which may make your searches slightly slower but result in a much more accurate tag cloud. This can be done from the user preferences in both Google and Yahoo.”

Josh who tested this features and posted about it. You will be totally astonished to see that – it’s grabbing and showing the relevant information (e.g: “Josh Lowensohn who is a writer of Cnet and this tag clouds also showing cnet/webware.”). I’m also tested and getting useful and relevant tags within a seconds. This Firefox extension from the International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute (INTSPEI) which simply enhancing user’s experiences, making us more faster through showing relevant tags with search results. Thanks to the developers for the unique idea and great implementation on search engine.

Turn Google, Yahoo search results into tag clouds

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