Earth Class Mail Brings Postal Mail To Online Mail

Earth Class Mail a Seattle based start-up company which brings Online Post Box service. This service going to make your life more easier and more control on your postal mail – just from your inbox, you can scan, forward, recycle, shred or achieve any mails just like as you’re using web based mails. It’s not free and on that process you will be charged and price list available. How your small business mail gets online – a detailed information has show your the real actions.

A native New Yorker, Mr. Weiner started the company about five years ago after he found himself constantly shuttling among residences and offices to pick up his mail. “I never had the right stuff at the right time. It was a real hassle,” he said. “So I came up with the idea to centralize mail so it could be sent to a single address.” — entitled by bits.

“It has already raised more than $20 million total and is backed primarily by Ignition Partners and a group of more than 130 angel investors” — said by Jenna Wortham of bits.

It’s saving a time lots but a commentator on nytime’s Mike Walash’s says “are the people who open your personal mail licensed and/or insured?”. Same questions comes to my mind? What do you think?

Losing the Paper Trail With Earth Class Mail [via]

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