Money Transfer With TwitPay On

Twitpay a start-up which allowing people to send payments through When you’re sending, required the recipients username.  Such as “send $25 to @isakib for social blogging”. You can use Twitpay just like as PayPal but it’s good for small amount transactions. Whenever, recipients have accumulated $10 plus – cash will be available in the form of amazon gift card.

Now it’s easier to make trasnfer or to send a small amount to anyone and Michael D. Ivey, its chief executive and co-founder, says it could also make it easier to donate money during a disaster like Hurricane Katrina or an earthquake. “Ideally we want to enable social giving on Twitter,” he said. “But beyond that, we could enable charitable giving, such as to the Red Cross. We’re very excited to be able to help people do good over Twitter.” – entitled by nytimes.

However, I’m liking it so much but lots of features still requires and most importantly security.

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