Do You Wasting Time On Twitter? Measure It.

Tweetwasters an excellent applications which brings one question — “how much time do you waste on twitter?” That means, it’s measuring your times you have already spend or waste on twitter. Just input your name to the and instantly that will measures the time, it can be days, hours, minutes.

As we know, Twitter one of the greatest way to grow networks and generating more traffics and promotions. I have been searched couple of username such as “@techidea has 1,004 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they’ve spent 30,120 Seconds or 502 Minutes or 8.37 Hours or 0.35 Days using Twitter!
So you’ve Tweeted for 8.37 hours hours. Way to go on making a half-assed effort.” @darrenrowse has 7,930 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they’ve spent 237,900 Seconds or 3,965 Minutes or 66.08 Hours or 2.75 Days using Twitter! If you spent 2.75 days on something useful and important, you could have changed the world by now. Loser. The quotations always not carrying the right words but sounds great and going serious based on your waste of time durations.

Rae Hoffman developer of wordPress plugin says, “The Tweetwasters plugin will show off your Twitter usage in terms of time and link to both your profile and your Twitter account. The plugin was a designed as a widget making it easy for any WordPress user to install.”

Over all this apps/plugins is awesome but if you start to measure everything like as twitter, such as how long much time you sleep everyday – result will be horrible. Better to stay tuned with your present works and do pefectly.

How Much Time Do You Waste on Twitter? [via]

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