MySpaceIM, Facebook IM Integrated With Meebo

Accoding to official announced web based instant messenger Meebo now its supporting facebook instant messenger and myspace IM services too. In before they enabled AIM, Gtalk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live Messengers, ICQ, Jabber.

“Today’s announcement reflects Meebo’s long-time goal of offering open access to all IM and social-networking users, as well as providing them with the best IM experience possible,” co-founder and CEO Seth Sternberg said in a release. “People have friends across a variety of different social networks, and Meebo is a place where they can come for real-time social interactions with these friends, at any time.” — entitled on cnet networks.

It’s an great updates but others multi messenger such as, Trillian, Adium, Digsby IM clients enabling this features and millions of people already using regularly. Have you ever tired the Air Based Meebo Apps? It’s awesome and just like as desktop clients and free too. Moreover, if you have internet — from anywhere anytime you can get access to your IM friends with Meebo.

MySpace, Facebook IM come to Meebo
[via cnet]

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