Case Study: Secret Behind The Sucess Of Digital Inspiration

2824560676_86c942f2c0Amit Agarwal first professional blogger from India and well known as a founder of  Digital Inspiration and known as  “founder of the Indian blogging revolution”. Amit quit his jobs and started full time blogging in 2004. He signup for an account on free named “Digital Inspiration” and day by day inputting digital spices and new information and most probability he like to write something about “how to”, tips and tricks”, “productivity” , “latest tech news” and adsense tips. Day by day Amit became popular and listed his blog site 40th most-favorited blog site according to In the meantime, he also getting lots of hits, visitors and his adsense income raising and makes him Millionare. Even, he is known as Adsense expert and he giving his readers free tips “how to boostup your income with Adsense” that types of guide line.

You knows success never comes over a night. Day by day Amit getting spirits and listed himself on Blog Of Note and start to getting 2 million page views per month. It’s huge of-course and his current Alexa rank is less then 20K.  His income from adsense should be 10K to 20K. (one of my indian friend said). But, how Amit did such types of works? Might be Amit did market study and implementing his site and helping others just based on a small sentence which give you the whole idea –“Personal Technology Columnist and Professional Blogger at Digital Inspiration”.  Amit can be open can Gizmodo or Engadget types blog site but he didn’t. Why? I guess, India it’s not faster then U.S. Even, an american blogger can buy and use a lastest Laptop and then write a great review and web is so competitive. If Amit chosse this Gadget parts — he might be won’t able to touch them or even can’t able to generate huge revenue.

Social Networks

0. Common Keywords : Google sights or adwards shoud use

1. Frequently posting adn covering latest news

2. Adsense placement

3. Color Blanding

4. Content is the King.

5. Running with Latest news.

6. SEO Optimized theme

7. Effecting search engine in Three ways (Custom search engine, blog post title, different permalink)

8. First mover advantegs

9. Helping others through Forum

10. Two websites brings sucess: Blogspot and – expert says everone should atleast run two websites.

11. Relevant Tags and Catagories

12. Maintaing social connections

13. Indian Blogger’s directory

14. Subscribers

15. Advertising through RSS Feed

16. Advertising through

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