Find Your Competitor With SimilarWeb Add-ons

A small mozilla firefox add-ons SimilarWeb which generating similar websites on your browser. Within a clicks, the similar sites list will be pulls up in sidebar of your browser. Even, you can see the competitors or competitive websites in short time. Such as you logged in, similar sites are NewYorkTimes, Google News,, Wired news, ABC News and so on. Still it has no Internet explorer version which is important for IE users. But, you can use it on Flock browser too.

Josh Lowensohn says, “there is a notable downside to using this extension: your browsing performance will take a hit. For some reason it needs to load its own results before it loads the actual page, which in my case meant waiting an extra few seconds when visiting a new site. That might be a deal killer for some, although it can easily be avoided by learning the keyboard shortcut that dismisses it from running in the sidebar. You can also pull up the results from a drop down menu next to your browser’s address bar.”

I agree with Josh and having face critical problems to loading the web pages and it taking huge times as because of low network connection. Even, developer should in mind that, around the world everyone are not using high speed internet connection. However, over all new idea and easier to see the similar pages and don’t need to spend more time on search engine to search similar web companies.

SimilarWeb 3 from Similar on Vimeo.

SimilarWeb shows you sites like the one you’re on [cnet news]

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