Google Earth Plug-Ins Working On Chrome Browser

Google Earth plugin-ins which is based on JavaScript API and help you to embed the Google Earth and 3D Digital Globe into your web pages or anywhere. Most recently, Google fixed the disconnection in between of two Google products Google Chrome browser and Google earth plugins.

Google earth using standalone software and from your web pages you can enjoy the google earth’s features without installing any software. Even, if you have already mashed up Google Maps, you can inputting some small codes — easily get the google earth options to your websites. You can download this plugins from Google Earth API pages & checkout the Google Earth API video.

Google employee said on a Google Earth mailing list on Thursday that “that means Chrome users will no longer get the unsupported browser message, and the plugin and API should work just as they would in other supported browsers.” Also, In compare of other browser — Google earth plugins functionality showing better in Google Chrome and more then Firefox which is noted by

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