Become A Productive With Gmail Labs

Email it makes our life more easier then ever and so cheaper. Not a single dollar I spend to mail someone. But, I can connected with anyone within a seconds. Postal mail goes dead and people nowadays looking for Digita Postal Mail services — innovative idea but not faster then a email.

Gmail’s email service which simply changing the emailing experiences. It’s brings lots of features but in June 05, 2008, Gmail introudcing Gmail Lab features — an extensive idea and great way to make your life more more and more easier. Maybe a day will come — just speak Gmail will write your email and say the name and send to your desired friends or  family.

How this Gmail Labs Makes You More Productive? I’ll show you in below one by one in details. Hopefully if you start using Gmail — should be will be benefited and astonished and you can’t believe yourself.

SMS Text Messging Inside Gmail: Gmail Labs brings sms test messaging chat service. When your friends not online or not on your IM list — you can directly input your friends phone number and send messages to your friends. And as well as, your friends can reply to you. Note that, before to send messages — you should careful, might be you have to pay fee SMS – entitled on

Quick Bookmark A Link: Bookmark any links inside Gmail. Why this features is recommended. Such as, you’re viewing any email and you find out the old email with hard works and a lot you searched. To find it next time, you can bookmark the url just to click “Add Quick Link”. You can use your time for more productivity.

Icon Indicator With Importance: On basis of your importance you can use Star icons just before of your email. But, if you need more icons to emphasis your email with importance. You hate to combine all of your works? — me too. If you use this features, you can separate all of your works, jobs, family mails just with small icons. Click over and over on “star” icon and instantly will see different types of icons. Select any one and separate each mails. Gmail says, ”you can add a “!” icon star on emails that have critical or timely information, such as bank information, or you can add a “✓” icon star to emails associated with a task you’ve completed, such as paying a bill online.”

Forgotten Attachment Detector: A recommended Gmail labs features — everyone should enable this features. When you’re writing “check the attachment files or download the file from attachments — but unintentionally or forget to upload the attachments” on that Gmail Attachment Detector will alerts you. So, no worries and no more bad environment in office or personal life. You said, attachment sent – of course,  will be sent to your friends. You can read more at

Random Signatures: If you enable this Lab features — you can send random favorites quotations with every mail and sometimes it’s inspiring to others. It’s not productive too much but it’s inspiring and might be increase your friends working productive after saying any famous quotations with great meaning.

Complete Your Tasks: An extensive updates and you can use this features just like as to-do-list. Gmail says, ”You can also easily convert emails into tasks: select one or more messages and go toMore ActionsAdd to Tasks. (Or turn on keyboard shortcuts and use <shift> + t.)”

Turn Your Email As Google Docs: When you’re reading a mail, sometimes it’s so important just like your documents. Now, within a click you can covert your Gmail’s email to documents. Jeremie Lenfant-Engelmann, Software Engineer of Gmail says, “Feature for Gmail Labs that does just that: with one simple click, “Create a document” converts an email into a Google Docs document. No more copying and pasting the text from your email — just open the message you wish to convert, click the “Create a document” link on the right side of the page, and voila, you have a brand new document which you can then modify and share!” Moreover, instantly if you need to create a new documents, just hit on G and then W and make sure that your keyboard shortcuts is enabled. — I already posted about it and you can see this post at Gmail Brings On Labs: Convert Email To Document.

Moreover, Gmail still on beta version but it’s awesome and it’s giving high security plus world famous for spam protection. As well as, it’s free with 7GB+ space and lots of new features. If you like it so much you can move to paid version.

Finally, to enable any options from Gmail Labs — just go to Settings, click the Labs Tab and scroll and search your desire Features and select “enable” and click on “save changes” at the bottom. Automatically Gmail go for a refresh and try now — hopefully this features enabled to your Gmail inbox.

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