Do Comments To Any Website Without Leaving Google Reader

Google Reader an web based applications which aggregatating feeds and gathering information constantly from weblog’s and frequently updating and showing the contents to your account. Thus you can use less time but reading, learning more from one place.

GreaseMonkey an small add-ons which brings direct comments features inside from Google reader. This scripts already installed 68,433 times. In details, you can make comments from your google reader without leaving or clicking to anywhere. Just leave your comments to any websites directly from Google reader though you’re using web based feed aggregator. After installation, you should restart your browser. When you’re reading any blog post through Google Reader – in below you will a new option “Preview” — click on it and it will open the whole websites within a seconds. In before I posted about it on

Julien Carosi says, “Adds a “Preview button” to Google Reader that allows you to view actual article in a frame. Clicking again on that button goes back to RSS view. Does work both in List view and expanded view”

How this scripts make your more productive? I tracked a lots of points and everyone should use this scripts at least once and it’s consuming your time and you can do more works. Lets see:

  1. Do comments without leaving Google Reader.
  2. Click on Preview Button — you will see the website inside your Google reader.
  3. Inside Google reader, it’s loading faster and friendly.
  4. You can see others comments and opinions from Google reader.
  5. No need to open a new tabs — just open the site with in a click in the same tab.
  6. If you found any excerpt mode RSS feed, explore the whole contents.
  7. Reading updates and sending opinions at the same times — it’s faster and user friendly.

DoshDosh also posted in details about it and influencing others to use this features and a small instructions entitled by Maki which can be more helpful to you to follow.

  1. Visit and download the Firefox browser
  2. Install the Greasemonkey extension
  3. Visit this page and install the Google Reader Preview Greasemonkey Script.
  4. A ‘Preview‘ link will show up in the bottom right corner of your feed window.

However, enjoy this features inside your Google reader and let me know how much useful this scripts? Leave your comments and I’ll be happy to see you.

Comments To Any Blog Site From Google Reader [via]

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