Google Reader Tricks: Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google reader an feed aggregator which gathering information constantly from weblog’s and updating to your account based on your inputted RSS feed. In details, you can track or read all of your favorite websites updates from one place. You don’t need to re-visit or re-check all the sites everyday – it’s quite impossible. Whenever a site updated, you will get the alerts (contents) to your Google Reader. Over a click, you can read the contents. To doing the same things again and again — you simply minimizing your time and using your time for more productivity.

Might be you know, you can enjoy Google reader’s service from your mobile phone at But, we can use this options to make your websites mobile friendly. Just checkout this url first at What I did? I inputted the feed url after the main mobile version. See again, the feed address].

After doing this things, you can make and read any websites in mobile version. Tell your friends and without using any other methods you can use this features free of cost plus no advertisement to your feeds.

Make Your Mobile Optimized Site Through Google Reader [via]

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