Make Two Column Based Google Search Engine’s Results

When we search any keywords on Google engine, we normally see results on left hand side — which should be showing relevant results based on your inputted keywords and right side bar showing some relevant textual advertisements. When you need to digg more or need to check all the results, we usually start to scroll down and down — which is waste of time.

But we can make our time more productive to spend less time on Google engine. But how? You can see the google engine’s result in two column if you install a small scripts it’s called multi-column view of google search results. Just press alt+1 or alt+2 and your keyboard will make one or two columns in result pages.

Before to install this scripts, you should download firefox browser and then install this Greasemonkey add-ons to your browser and finally install this small scripts. Now, required to restart your browser and hopefully it will start working to your google engine pages.

Multi-Column Or View Google Search Results In Double Column [via and thanks to @ziru]

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