Facebook Home Page Re-designed

Facebook’s homepage re-designed and it was informed by allfacebook.com. Just few minutes ago new homepages visible in Bangladesh. To making more user friendly, to engaging more people, facebook designing and increasing more control on your home pages.

Mainly three column based view which is divided in filters, streams and publishers. And in above of three columns, you can see recent friends requests and other requests. In filter area (left), without refreshing the pages, you can see your News Feeds – friends present status and as well you can like any of your friends status and leave your comments too. It’s working in real time and show the perfect time.

In Streaming area(middle), you can see your friends real time activities. Just easy to keep on eye, what things they are updating and what’s happening and as well you can control more easily.

In Publisher area, publish your status, photos, notes and more into the stream. Posts show up both in your profile, and on your friends’ home pages.

In Highlight area(right), you can see features photos, notes, any events — it will generate based on your friends activities thus you will get alerts what going on.

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