Must Work Faster, Must Work Faster – You’ll Just End Up Slowing Yourself Down.

If you start pressing, influencing yourself to work faster and faster you simply decreasing your productivity and slowing down yourself which things shared Jonathan Tang on his “Diary Of A Failed Startups“. Absolutely I agree with that concepts and it’s piratical to everyone and we should remember we are human beings plus we have lots of limitations — don’t compare with a robot. Daniel Tenner also shared counting hours doesn’t make sense — results aren’t built out of hours. On his post he asked some questions to his readers.

Lets see in below:

  • How much of your daily energy do you spend increasing your total energy? Do you feel you spend enough? Do you feel you spend it on the right things?
    A: It’s really tough to measure how much energy I’m spending daily basis and nowadays I’m not feeling so good. It’s not going with proper management. Sometimes, it’s fruitful and sometimes waste of time.
  • How much of your daily energy do you waste each day? How do you define waste? Is all that waste really unproductive or does it have some beneficial side-effects? Are those side-effects sufficient to justify spending that energy?
    A: Not possible or even to measure basis of approximate. About waste, “which is not relevant with you but still you’re focusing more on it and investing your money, using your valuable time without any focus”.
  • Do you spend energy on things which actively hurt you?
    A: Yes, I Do. Sometimes I start to surfing the web randomly — it’s hurting myself. I also making no boundaries on it. But, it’s truly decreasing the energy. For example, I’m a professional blogger but I shouldn’t need to read the Dubai dynamic tower’s systems and full stories from wikipedia. As because it has no relations with my expertise. Like that way, I read or learning lots of things which is not relevant with blogging or will not impact in professionalism. But, sometimes I’m feeling good — because to learn sometimes, it will work out sometimes greatly.
  • Has your daily energy increased or decreased in the last 6 months? year? 5 years?
    A: From my experiences if you enforcing yourself to increasing your productivity in short time, maybe be in short time or within a month, it will start decreasing — if you’re not gaining better results or success from your works/jobs but not fulfilling your expectations.

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