Overall So Busy Month I Have Ever Spent

I’m not sure what I’m going to write as because don’t have much more time to elaborate everything about this month “April”. In March I got a Job and I’m working with full speed but load shedding trying to break down my smooth life. Everyday I have to manage my all works one by one schedule of load shedding — just my new working schedule running with load shedding.

Inshallah, In next month, I’m going to start my new projects plan and will invest too, also I will buy some small gadgets which is quite major for me. I’m out of Cash right now. Working hard but not getting paid — sounds sad isn’t it? Inshallah, soon i’ll cover up.

I also planning to read a lot on web and lots of parts still on my marks, didn’t able to manage time to complete all the tasks. Lots of things I’m going to learn in short time but things is that I’ll not take pressue, “it’ actually decrease the efficiency”.

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