Use File Extension Cache's Service For Safe Browsing

In computer science, a cache is a collection of data duplicating original values stored elsewhere or computed earlier, where the original data is expensive to fetch (owing to longer access time) or to compute, compared to the cost of reading the cache. In other words, a cache is a temporary storage area where frequently accessed data can be stored for rapid access. Once the data is stored in the cache, it can be used in the future by accessing the cached copy rather than re-fetching or recomputing the original data — says wikipedia.

File Extension Cache introducing more safer way to web surfing. When you’re web surfing normally some browsers saving cache to load the pages perfectly and giving faster full page view. Most probably every browser has this options but in the meantime when you wants see any web pages, it downloading virus in your cache folder that might be malicious mini software, virus, spy ware and some can be traceable and some are so harmful for your pc.

If you use their service, you will get more control on caches and safe yourself from malicious objects and even you don’t need to use any high price anti virus.

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