RSS Feed Mashing + All Official Google Updates = In Single Feed Url

Google has tons of products and for every products they are using official blog site for the announcement of new products. If you start to adding all official blog sites Feed on your RSS Feed reader, it looks massive. So, I’m going to create RSS Feed mashing by using Yahoo! Pipe‘s service. It will bring all the changes of official blog sites, all the changes in feeds, all the updates — under one RSS Feed, you can say “all in one”. You have to follow one feed, that will carry all official updates instantly.

On Yahoo Pipes, I clicked Fetch Feed — it actually merge in between of two RSS Feed. If you have two website and you’re posting on both site. How you will tell your friends about it and it’s tough to move in marketing campaign. But, you wants to concern that things to your readers — that solution is feed mashup and then move the feed to I made this Yahoo! Pipes ( which gives you access to all official Google blog’s updates in one place.

Inspired by RSS Feed Mashup + Twitter = Yummy!

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