How To Make A Real Time Twitter Bot Within A Minute

In last week I created Twitter Bot, which giving real time technology updates — if you following @tech_tech, you will receive tons of twits about, “Technology News”. Why actually I have done such things? Well, if you wants to get more followers, or want to brand your company, or wants to help people by notifying automatically, or wants to grow your networks  — you can do such things. Make sure that you’re not doing SPAM through twitter to others. Those people will follow you, they are really interested to keep update themselves by following your twitter accounts and take of your followers too.

I’ve Searched On Google:

I also searched the Twitter Bot List, most useful twitter bots – you should follow, how to create a twitter bot by PHP, as well I found Mr. James who is selling twitter bot applications price of  € 27.00/per apps  and inspiring peopel by giving free tips such as Ten Ways to automate twitter with twitter bot and see the biggest Twitter Bot Directory List.

A newbie who has no experiences about basic programming languages or php or don’t want to spend money to make twitter bot, what do it? This post is for those geeks — who wants thousands of twitter followers, want to make a slick-simple twitter bot for branding, growing networks or connecting with millions of people around the world.

The Goals Of Creating Twitter Bot:

01. Giving real time updates to your followers “all about technology news”. You can use it for different purpose too.

02. Keeping growing your networks, branding through twitter, generating high traffic to your websites

03. Keep sharing the knowledge and growing loyal relationships with your followers, friends.

04. Who is following you, keep following that user too.

Step by Step Instructions To Making Twitter Bots:

Step 01: Signup at friendfeed account for free and don’t forget to subscribe me at

Step 02: Signup at twitter account for free and don’t make your personal account as twitter bot. Create new account for the BOT purpose in both platform.I used to making BOT at plus

Step 03: Login to your friendfeed account at visit pages, then click on “sign in” links. A popup windows will open to your screen “An application would like to connect to your account The application FriendFeed by FriendFeed would like the ability to access and update your data on Twitter. Not using Twitter? Sign up and Join the Conversation! ” — input your username and password and click on “allow” button. By allowing you’re accepting that friendfeed can post on your twitter accounts.

Step 04: If your username and password is perfect the popup window will be closed automatically. Now move to friendfeed account at You have to add some RSS Feed to your friendfeed service pages at And tick marks all of them (shown in shots below). If you don’t click “Check ‘Cc Twitter’ box by default” it will work and don’t send updates to your twitter accounts.

Step 05: When the RSS Feed will be updated on friendfeed, automatically friendfeed will send ping to your twitter accounts. Automatically and frequently your twitter accounts will get ping in real time from friendfeed.

Inspired by 60+ Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers. Thanks

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