Greatest Blogger Handbook And Resource List

I started my first blogging life on, I played a lot and I wish you know the history of blogger dot com and news that google acquired Today once again, I checked the status of on Google Trends ( vs WordPress), it’s still growing and the great competitor of them. If you start blogging by a free account on blogger, your visitors won’t give you value — as because you’re using a free weblogs and using some advertisement to generate some money. Usually, people do such things — when they just started blogging, they influenced by others or they found millions of websites using advertisement and why don’t “I”? Assuming that, “I can earn some money money” but the newbie who forgot that he just landed on blogging business and get some free space and some free features. It’s really bad idea to start blogging and within a few days the user start to advertising on his/her weblogs.

However, I found millions of people searching on Google engine about Blogger templates, blogger tools, hacks, tips and tricks, blogger backup systems and so on things. On that posts, I’m trying to cover up all that things. It might help you so much. Let me know, If anything I missed , which links you aspect.

20+ Great Resources Of Blogger Templates:

  1. 50 More Beautiful Blogger Templates
  2. Blogger Templates
  3. Ajax based blogger templates
  4. Blogger Templates (Classic) : GeckoandFly Tutorials
  5. Free Blogger Templates, High Quality Blogger Templates
  6. Blogger templates with free tutorials
  7. Blogger Templates (Classic)
  8. Free Blogger Templates, High Quality Blogger Templates
  9. Free Templates for blogger templates
  10. Shellen Blogger Templates – polished, semantically valid html theme for blogger
  11. PsycHo- free blogger templates generator
  12. Pannasmontana Templates- cool desinged blogger templates
  13. The Style Contest- stylish, great templates for blogger
  14. Free directory of blog templates and layouts for Blogger
  15. Free Blogger Templates and Designer
  16. Daceblog- Blogger Templates
  17. Tips for Blog Templates and Blog Designs in Photoshop
  18. Blogger Templates | – Collection of blogger templates, tools, tutorial
  19. How To Hack A Blogger Templates
  20. CSS Customizing Tips & Tricks For Blogger

Blog Customization In Different Ways (FAQ):

  1. How To Remove Nav Bar From Blogspot?
  2. How To Install A New Blogger Templates?
  3. How To Embed Picasa Slideshow on
  4. How To Embed Flickr Slideshow on
  5. How To Add Twiiter Badge For Blogger [badges for blogger]
  6. How To Embedb MP3 Music Player on Blogspot?
  7. How To Add Blogger To Facebook?
  8. How To Upload Multiple Photos In
  9. How To Add Social Bookmarks Link To
  10. How To Embed Custom Search Engine For Blogger?
  11. How To Add Adsense on Blog?
  12. How To Transfer Blog Contents To Another Blog?
  13. How To Optimizse Blogger For Search Engine?
  14. How To Embed Email Subscribtion Button on
  15. How To Embed ChatBox In Blogspot?
  16. How To Show Adsense ads below post title?
  17. How to Add / Manage 125 x 125 ad section to Blogger
  18. Can I Create Schedule blog posting?
  19. Can I Move To
  20. Can I embed Digg social network on
  21. Can I embed Stumbleupon social network on
  22. Can I embed Delicious Social Network on
  23. Can I Make Google Gadgets For My Blog?
  24. Can I Submit My Blog To
  25. Can I delete my Blog Site?
  26. Can I make My Blog Private?
  27. Can I submit my Blog For Search Engines?
  28. Can I add PopUp Option For Blogger? [people don’t like to see popup ads]
  29. Can I Make A Connection Feedburner To Blogspot?
  30. Can I use Windows Live Writer For Posting?
  31. Can I start blogging From Cell Phone/ Mobile Phone?
  32. Can I embed Google Talk Badge?

Earn Money Through Google Adsense, Usages of Code:

  1. Make Money Through Google Adsense
  2. Start To Earn Money From Your Blog Today [official posts]
  3. How to embed Adsense With Every Posts In Buttom Section?
  4. Be A Successful Blogger & Follow 4 Strategies For Blog Success & Earn Money

How To Increase Blogger Traffic:

  1. Increase Traffic With Technorati Site
  2. Increase Traffic with External Contents Links
  3. Analyze site Traffic Through Google Analytics
  4. How To Increase Page Rank
  5. Enhancing Traffic and Blog Reputation
  6. How To Increase Traffic In Terrific Way
  7. How To Put Adsense Link Unit?

Exclusive Tools And Resources For Blogger:

  1. Download Blogger for Word – A Blogger add-in for Microsoft Word, allowing you to directly publish your documents to Blogger
  2. Blogger Data API
  3. Blogger Draft – blogger’s another one test platform
  4. Blogger Status- get the latest blogger updates and which is official blogs for
  5. Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets – Blog Posting Via OS X Dashboard
  6. AvantBlog- Use blogger from Plam or Windows CE Device
  7. Blogger, Publish, Ping, and Categorize- Blog Pings, categorization for blogger’s
  8. HaloScan – Intregrating trackback for’s user
  9. w.blogger- windows applications to manage

Tons Of Blogs Backup Instantly:

  1. Take A Full Backup of Your Blogspot site
  2. Just Backup your blogspot blog
  3. Backup all of your widgets data in right way
  4. Take Blogspot Backup in different way
  5. How to Backup a Blogger Blog
  6. Why and How To Backup Blogspot Blog
  7. Some useful ways to backup your blogger, wordpress and self hosted …
  8. Tips – How to Backup a Blogger Blog
  9. How To Back Up Your Blogger Blog
  10. Backup Blogger Blog Widgets – an easy video tutorial

I would like to thanks those people who created such supporting posts and keep supporting to the Blogger users for free. Thanks to all. I am looking for your comments.

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