Growthink — Developing Business Plan, Raise Capital, Marketing Strategy, “it helps clients develop business plans, raise capital, and launch new products and services. Growthink draws new business and supports existing clients with informative website articles, blogs, and tele-seminars that convey complex venture issues in simple, easy to understand language says

Growthink provided more than just business planning services. They were able to provide and deliver strategic thinking, diligent research and detailed industry insight.

I consider Growthink to be more than just a high quality business consulting firm, I consider Growthink to be a long term business partner and external extension of my  business.
— By Jessy Gonzalez, CEO/Founder of ClearPortal Corporation.

As well, I was in ranked No. 49 in the Top 100 Businesses in Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA and ranked No. 91 in the Top 100 Business Services Companies. I’m impressed to reading, learning from their great share and they usually covering Business Planning ,Entrepreneurship ,Financing, Internet Marketing, Investing, Management, Market Research, Marketing, Productivity, Resources, Venture Capital — most interesting topics for me and you know I always surfing such things on web and they are expert in this fields and when you start to reading you will understand “which things you’re skipping, they are tracking those things”. I’m going to share the list, what I have read from,

    1. How to Write a Business Plan for Raising Venture Capital
    2. 20 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan
    3. Top 7 Myths About Starting a Business
    4. Top Seven Capital Raising Mistakes

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