Within A Minutes – Make Survey Form By Google Docs

I wish you have seen tons of websites — offering to complete free survey form and some affiliates paying money to complete survey such as Awsurveys*. I’m using feed demon rss reader, after 15 days later — they offering me to give my opinions about the products by fulfilling their survey forms.

What things actually a company do, when you’re joining and share your opinions by survey? They normally trying to analyze what things actually the customer looking, which features each and every customer likes so much, what types of new features a customer expecting and on average how many users asking for same things, usability percent of any old or new features and tons of things. It’s directly helping a company to survey better service in features based on survey.

I’m going to share, How you can make free survey form by using Google Docs? Right? It’s solid simple and slick form — you can share with your friends, visitors to measure up lots of things. Make sure that you have target and you wants to touch that targets in the meantime by using Survey Form.

Just go to Google Spreadsheets pages, you can get all options to create your survey. Firstly, input the survey title or input short brief “why you make this survey, just the objectives” – make it great thus visitors get excitement to share their opinions. Don’t make it over long and complex, you can usually change the theme of your survey form from the top bar and anytime you can “add new questions / edit questions” within a click by right hand side’s icons. I prepared one sample survey form and as well you can see the statistics of your survey privately or open it for public view — how many people joined that survey and the percentages of each and every options of the survey.

From the menu bar, if you like by clicking to “more actions” you can embed/attach your survey form to your websites or edit the status mode, private or public. Don’t forget to click on “save” button. When you have done, it will be on real time action.

Inspired via Using Google Docs to make a survey

*PS: Awsurveys they won’t pay you but they will technically complete their survey by showing digital amount of money you’re earning but you won’t ever get money from them — I tested. You will fill up survey form, they start to adding money to your account, within short time you won’t logged and you lost your money. Don’t get engage yourself with Awsurveys Fraud Affiliates Service.

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