Power Of Akismet Stats WordPress Plugins



Akismet Stats, one of the greatest plugins to protect your weblogs from spammer. If you’re a blogger, you’re always tensed about spamming but when the Akismet stats with you — your blogs, time, energy everything will be saved from spammers. I have checked my stats of OpenGiga, it’s showing “112,068 spams caught, 296 legitimate comments, and an overall accuracy rate of 99.939%.” If I start to check or manually fix all 112,068 spams — that will be horrible, have to spend huge time, energy and on the other hand, I can spend same time to do something productive.

Akisment has five parts such as, Spam, Ham,  Missed Spam,  False Positive, Yummy Pie.  Each parts has different functions. Mainly Spam doing the main things for your weblogs. Also, the official site showing the status of  Live Spam Zeitgeist stats — 11,588,161,961 spams caught so far, 3,470,901 so far today and 83% of all comments are spam. So, the only real comments overall getting 17%. Sounds terrific and Akismat saving your blog from spam.


  1. You can download the plugins from Official website at Akismet Download.
  2. Or, you can download the wordpress plugins from WordPress Plugins Directory at Akismet Stats.

[tab:How To Install]

  1. Download plugin and unzip.
  2. Upload the plugin file to your WordPress plugins directory inside of wp-content.
  3. Activate it from the plugins menu inside of WordPress.
  4. Enter your API key.
  5. Save it and Forget that spam was ever a problem.


  1. If you want, you can show your Akismet widgets anywhere by inputting <?php akismet_counter(); ?> to your sidebar or anywhere of your templates.
  2. To know more visit Frequently Asked Question‘s official page.

[tab:Screen Shots]




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