Drag and Drop Features In Gmail, Removed Right-Side Labels

Gmail one of the best email service entire web world and every week, Google giving some exclusive features to the users. In past, from Labs user can enable right side labels features but recently Gmail removed that features and they officially announced and now your levels will attach with left hand side bar and you can drag and drop your mails to your desire levels without any more hassle — just you have to select before the drag. It’s more user friendly and as well you can hide your any label and manage your labels with your wishes. Also, you can rename, color edit, remove – all things you can do from one place.

Of the more innovative features that has been added is the ability to drag and drop messages into labels, just like you can with folders. You can also drag labels onto messages too. It’s also possible to drag labels into the “more” menu to hide them, making it easier to change labels than going to the Settings function. This feature is huge for those people who complain about Gmail not having some of the drag and drop features of Outlook. — Leena Rao says.

We know, Gmail’s Lab features all are experimental purpose. Gmail experimented the right side labels features and now this features removed forever.

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