FriendFeed Enhanced Real-time Search Engine

Most recently, FriendFeed introduced six colorful theme. Finally another one greatest, simplest updates coming within a few days and millions of user expecting that service and the day is today. Just you have to enter the query and within a second the results will be visible to your screen and on real time it will steam the results and even within a second of matter you can get another of new news based on your inputted query and you don’t need to hit any more refresh button. I’m feeling better then twitter’s real time search engine and the over all experiences awesome and also you can track the updates by using rss feed. 

I’m tech lover, so I tried and you can try today. Whatever, when you have entered frequently it will show your the updates and the results will be taking from friendfeed platform. And it’s really awesome, if you wants to track any specific information or any hot news from friendfeed. It’s sure that anyone or hundreds of people will talk about the same topics, if it’s really interesting.

FriendFeed real-time search. We have it. It’s here. [via official friendfeed blog]

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