Speeding Up In A Slowdown: If You Focus On The User, Everything Else Will Follow

Today I received a mail from Adsense Team. I found, they kicking of a five-week educational series Speeding Up in a Slowdown — the purpose of that series to help you online to grow your business more effectively. By using Google Adsense and Google Analytics both of this service combination and how you will track your sites statistics, user friendly, visitors, increasing the potential revenue, advertisement and the right path of advertisement and so on tips and tricks and as well, world famous founder and official Google’s employees going to join and to share up their web experiences and key of success in this Kick-Ass Speeding Up Adsense Series. Also, Google’s Official Analytics Evangelist, Google’s User Experience Researchers sharing their experiences and making the whole matters so transparent thus you can kicking your business properly to grow and take right steps in right time.

“We’re kicking off a five-week educational series about speeding up your business in a slowdown. We’ll be revisiting the basics of online publishing to help you grow your business, and we’ll share tips about using AdSense and other Google products that you can apply to your business now. In the coming Thursdays, you can look forward to tips for making your site more user-friendly, bringing in more visitors, increasing your revenue potential, and attracting more advertiser budget. Along the way, we invite you to share your own suggestions for growing your business by leaving comments at the end of each post. You can also follow the campaign at www.google.com/ads/speedingup.” says by Talia Brodecki, Adsense Product Marketing.

Speeding Up in a Slowdown (recent topics, see here)

I’m trying to share some keynotes from my view (below) and listing the main idea/tips and will keep up-to date here. Mainly they focused where other people not focusing on it and that’s really interesting, as well some people really following their steps and getting better things from web business. If you see the video that will makes you more clear and transparent about it and what they going to do for you and how this educational series going to increase your working productivity. Let’s see…

  1. Speeding up: the basics and Analytics by Avinash Kaushik, Google’s own Analytics Evangelist
    • Design for the tasks that visitors complete on your site.
    • Use ads as potential exit paths, not interruptions.
    • SEO – only if it makes sense.
  2. Speeding up: Retaining your visitors with great user experience by Ricardo Prada, User Experience Researcher

    • Design for the tasks that visitors complete on your site.
    • Use ads as potential exit paths, not interruptions.
    • SEO – only if it makes sense.
  3. Speeding up: Attracting more visitors with content and community By Jack Herrick, Founder Of WikiHow

    • Produce great content
    • Learn to share
    • Make your community a team

I’m posting as because of some are really actionable and If we implement that will bring better productive outputs. I also tracked some of them from the weblogs and video conversations.

Recardo says, “Ultimately, they all fit into our guiding principle: if you focus on the user, everything else will follow”. “Use ads as potential exit paths, not interruptions”.

Jack Herrick saysI’d encourage you to allow real collaboration on your site. Lots of websites try to create online communities. Humans are hard wired to want to work in groups and collaborate. By allowing this to happen, you can create a passionate community of people that will build something bigger than any one person could accomplish on their own. And that will in time attract a large audience“.

Avinash Kaushik says, “This is a win-win for your business and your customers, as it helps you identify what type of content to produce more of based on what content people are most interested in as well as where people most often click on your AdSense ads.

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