How Simple To Create Your Own URL Shortening Service

Most recently, I brought a domain for short url generating service. I’m not going to use any more tinyurl‘s service but I’m trying to get ride of from It’s sometimes tough and looks massive to share such a long title plus links to share on limited character based twitter service or somewhere else. Such as, Speeding Up In A Slowdown: If You Focus On The User, Everything Else Will Follow & = 239 characters. How to share on twitter? We have text zipping service but it’s not better solutions.

But, I’m looking for better solutions and looking for Open Source based service, whatever php or mysql based or free service and finally A Short URL Plugin by Ozh give me a great solutions at and that will merge two website and will make a bridge in between of three service, respectively WordPress, Hosted Short Urls and Twitter.

Before to moving more forward, you might like to know something exciting things…

share of short urls

  1. You need a short url like as,,,, tinyurl and so on, just make sure that it’s easy to memorable, has some meaning or simple that represents that it’s short url generator or someting like that — otherwise you have to go for Branding. Such as, I have short url generator at You know, I tried tons of domain and price was another issue and luckily I got a good urls. YORLS.IN or YOURLS.IN or YOURLS.IN. It’s simple and easy to remember.If you’re excited little bit, you can do great things by giving free service of your short url generating service, see at If Is Worth $8 Million, TinyURL Is Worth At Least $46 Million. Also, see Chris who shared the growth rate and market share results through graph on Shorten It: Most popular URL shorteners.
  2. Make sure that you have hosting service, otherwise you have to depends of Google’s Free Apps service which named, Google Short Link. But, it’s still on beta service and experimental — no guaranties and later maybe or maybe not they will redirect the urls. I have created — sometimes it’s working but sometimes not and it’s open for public use. So, you can make your own short links by signin yourself. One more things, you don’t need any hostings, php or mysql enability to get that google service. It’s free and just you have to follow some steps. Simple!
  3. Also, you can try this They will give you free short url generating service and as well you can download the free source of their service. You can install that same service by using your own host. You need to create database and upload some php codes and by inputting currently, you will get similar service to your own short url domain. You can see the demo but I don’t like their service — it looks complex and not user friendly.

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