"The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs” — Garage.com (Garage Technology Ventures)

Today I’m coming across from this blog fireside chat money and passion and also I’m reading about Guy Kawasaki, the managing director of Garage Technology Venture. So, another one click and I’m always interested to know more about venture capital funding in technology industry and I got some excitement.

Garage Technology Ventures is a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund. We’re looking to invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the ability to build great teams and great companies.” — says Garage.com

You know, if you keep only reading Garage.com — you will learn lots of new things about venture capitals and what actually a venture capital company looking for, how the entrepreneurship trying to manage the venture capitalist and trying to get funds and lots of things. Even, they tracked what types of lying can be use to get funds and that’s awesome and from both side, whatever you’re entrepreneur or investor. I’m leaning and sharing with you.

Also, you can check this link, to learn more about different factors

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