How Simple To Run Your Startups With Lowest Cost

I’m reading a lot and reading lots of weblogs random tips about start-ups, cash-flow management, how to run your new start-up, making new plans with strategy, marketing/advertising/sales stategy and future forecasting and so on things. But the real this is whatever we do, ‘we can’t make six digit amount of money per month — atleast at the beginning”.

What things we have to do? If we want to run a starup company with lowest cost? Lots of things we can do and even if we don’t have investment too. But, all things will bring break-even point within six or one years. It’s toughest time to cross the break-even point broder. However, let’s go for action

  1. You want to start your web startup company with great vision? Is that costly?
  2. Want to earn minimum $150 per month?
  3. How much the cost will be to buy websites and hosting space? In dollar?
  4. How to arrange the starting money minimum $30 at beginning? Is that possible?

So, we are talking about web starup company with great vision, earning per month, buying websites+hosting and

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