WIN $100 Google Adwords Coupon For FREE


How Google Adwords Works:

Google Adwords giving service of advertising and Google generated $21 billion revenue in 2008. By using Google Adwords service you can serve advertising campaign of your site and extend your business widely. You will get options to select your budgets, per click rates in cents and add keywords of your products and when people searched any products and if the searched keywords has relevancy of your companies products then Google will show your advertisement to the search engine or any websites which is using Google Adsense. Presently, they providing Contextual advertisement and Banner advertisement and it’s PPC or Pay Per Click based. Is that so? “There’s no minimum spending requirement – the amount you pay for AdWords is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad.” Also you will charged or your money will be deduct from your budget when anyone one clicks to your ads and when its simply displayed — you don’t have to pay for it.

How It Will Help You Business To Extend or To Generate Profit:


Well, it’s really important to understand how that Google Adwords going to help you to extend your business or profits. From local to country side, from country to country or internationally you can target your customers through the internet advertising system. When users looking for anything, they don’t wait to click on your ads if it has relevancy but lots of things you have to keep in mind when you’re going to serve your ads properly. Otherwise, you will waste your money, I’m suggesting please read 31 killer writing adwords ads tips and how to write woogle adwords text ads that results high CTR.

How Much I’ve and Why I’m Giving Free $100 To You?

Most recently I’ve received $200 from Google Adwords and $50 from my hosting company and  total $250, so I can buy a iPhone 3G or any cool smart phone. But, thing is that I have to use it and no options to get in cash. However, main reason is somehow I’ve country restrictions and thinking why don’t I give that to my friends through the small contest. You will enjoy it.

How To Win In The Contest? Is That Simple?

It’s too simple, just like as KISS and you have great possibility to win the Google Adwords Coupon of $100. Wanna try?

  1. Follow @isakib on twitter.
  2. Tweet this following message:
    WIN $100 Google Adwords Coupon For FREE and join at Please don’t change the text or short urls.
  3. Make your comments below and lets share the link.


Contest begins from today and it will be ended by 30th Oct’ 09 and we will select a winner and announce within three days. Make sure that you’re giving us valid email address, otherwise we won’t able to contact with you.

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