No Traffic, No Money From — Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense:

Google Adsense — a service by Google Inc, where you can earn money by signing up as publishers. When you will singup, you have to get some codes from your account and paste on your websites and start to earning money. Lots of matter still required, you have to place ads properly to your websites and when ads will visible, if people clicks to your ads or getting impressions you will start to earn money. That’s not all, have to study a lot and have to understand the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

How Google Adsense Works:

You need a website and you can place Google Adsense to your websites and Google will show Relevant Ads to your sites based on your sites contents. That means, you will see similar ads (content+ads) to your websites, thus your user will feel interest to click on ads and as well you’re getting money.

What I’ve Learned:

You know, I’ve read hundreds of tutorials, tricks, advice about Google Adsense and as well few Google Adsense related Good Books — still learning. At the intitial stage, if you start to following those writers, bloggers or advices you will be Wrong and you will not get fruitful results — what you’re expecting. All of your implement will not works perfectly and even your hard works too. I’m giving a summary, what usually you’re learning from the sources commonly.

  1. How to place ads in your site, size matters
  2. How to setup colors and making more friendly view of your ads
  3. How to filter and find which ads generating more money
  4. What is eCPM, CPA, CTR and so on technical things.
  5. And so on …

Earning Less From Google Adsense, Something Missing:

The Real Things is, Google Adsense will give you “Cents“, not Hundreds of Dollar per month at the Initial Stage. You know, why? “You don’t have that much Traffic” — but start to following all the tricks, advice and start to implementing all things one by one never brings ‘more money’. Firstly, You need “Traffic”. When you have traffic, start to implementing the tricks — it will work smoothly. Most of the bloggers, writers don’t disclosing that matters to the readers clearly — they are busy to ‘learn you — how to use Google Adsense, How to Optimize Google Adsense’ and so on things.

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