10 Resource: For Startup & Entrepreneurs


I would like to share few tools — where you can get essential tools to design, development, email newsletter, redesigning, user experiences and usability, web improvement, logo designing and web trends.

  1. 10 Essential Online Tools for Your Startup – http://bit.ly/7RiAOU
  2. Design Tips for Startups – http://bit.ly/4xtN0L
  3. A Guide to Creating Email Newsletters – http://bit.ly/QPTqL
  4. Redesign: When To Relaunch The Site and Best Practices – http://bit.ly/451GGW
  5. How to Improve User Experience – http://bit.ly/4b6wd0
  6. 24 Things To Do When Launching a New Blog – http://bit.ly/1hxMHk
  7. Tips to Bridge the Gaps between Clients and Designers – http://bit.ly/2O1CHr
  8. How to improve Your Website Copy – http://bit.ly/4da71R
  9. Logo Design Tips: What to Avoid – http://bit.ly/MtbCc
  10. 21 Resources for Getting Design Feedback – http://bit.ly/6tfbe7
  11. Design Trends: Testimonials – http://bit.ly/78FkIU

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